Home Ownership Pathway

Home Ownership Pathway for all People living in Aotearoa New Zealand

Home Ownership Pathway for all People living in Aotearoa New Zealand

Home Ownership Pathway for all People living in Aotearoa New ZealandHome Ownership Pathway for all People living in Aotearoa New Zealand

We work with people in Aotearoa New Zealand who are:

  • First Home Buyers

  • Existing Home Owners

  • Self Employed  Business Owners

  • Property Investors


We work with you to understand

  • Your current financial situation

  • Where our focus needs to be 

  • What our financial Pathway forward looks like



We want you to achieve your goals!

We want to understand and listen to what your goals are?

  • Let us create a clear pathway with a timeframe

  • Discuss all options to make well informed financial decisions 

  • Our FREE service saves you time, energy and money 


Home Ownership Pathway

We are a Social Enterprise that works at the grassroots level with families in Aotearoa NZ

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  "This is a Social Enterprise model and we are a purpose driven entity, this is what makes us different. We want to make a difference in the Home Ownership Rates and Financial Literacy  levels of the Families we work with, we want to create inter generational change and create greater social equity in society"  Andrew Lavulavu  CE

 Andrew  founded Home Ownership Pathway and has been working specifically in this space since 2014 .   

Over that time, the impactof Home Ownership Pathway has enabled hundreds of families to achieve Home Ownership right across Aotearoa. 


Andrew LavuLavu Founder B.a Anthropology, Registered Financial Adviser-Level 5 Financial Services Residential Lending (NZQA)

 Our mission is to create a significant social impact right across the Home Ownership sector in Aotearoa. 

  "I'm passionate about individuals, families and communities living in self-control and empowerment through the journey we go through around  financial literacy and Home Ownership. Making well informed decisions and seeing the best value in our service and options for their short term and long term goals".    Andrew Lavulavu  CE RFA 



Home OWnership Pathway Trust


Social Enterprise

 We believe in giving back and operate in the social enterprise framework model. Our Trust dedicates expertise & resources to assist in the education of the families we work for. This layer of kiwi families who need the resources our mandate sets out to achieve  in the charitable manner and scope. 

 In a fast paced financial  environment, where housing, home ownership and financial capacity is constantly evolving, now extra -ordinary hard working families will access our breath of support and services in the Home Ownership and Housing space..  


We have a dynamic mix of experience and expertise in governance.  

  • Chair, Pat Lino Is the former CEO of Pacific Media Network and has an extensive background in Media and technology. He has a passion for tech & social change based in Auckland. 
  • Lane Felise (Tokelauan, Ngāti Kahungunu,Ngāti Porou ) has extensive experience in both HR, Recruitment in London and NZ, He has a passion for social procurement. 
  • John Houma ( Tongan,Ngāti Whatua  Te Uri-o-Hau ) Has an extensive digital and IT background, currently with Zeald NZ.
  • We would like thanks and acknowldege our past Chairman Peter Faa'fiu (Pictured) for establishing this Trust and its foundation.  


Our goals are simple. To assist families to achieve their dreams and financial goals through adequate access to our Pathway Program.

We strive to work across all communities 

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Client Case Studies


First home Buyers

Profile: Married Couple, young family looking for stability for their young family. South Auckland. 

Goal: Purchase First Home

We put them on our road map to Home Ownership. 

  • Our primary action steps were to increase savings, eliminate debt and avoid debt all together. 
  • Changing and managing their spending and finances. 
  • obtained pre-approval  from 2 lenders. 

Outcome: Purchased First Home by focusing most of their time and activity out in the market, putting offers in and staying within their budget. 

The new lending was sustainable and repayments are slightly above their old rent costs.

 They now have a solid foundation around financial literacy and habits with Home Ownership achieved.  


Home Owners looking to renovate

Family Home of 46 years, Ponsonby Auckland, Polynesian family had owned from the 70's, They were looking to complete updated renovations and build a minor dwelling. 

Goal: Release equity to finance this renovation and build. 

  • We assessed that they had sufficient equity and we crunched the numbers and found we were able to get new lending.  However not for the full minor dwelling, We will stage this project over 2 years. Starting with the Home. 
  • Clients set up a Family Trust, we had 3 building companies to quote us and we have started. 
  • New Lending is serviceable and sustainable, when we complete works and have a new RV and value of the house will increased. Allowing us to fulfill the plan and needs of this family. 

Project funded and renovations underway. 



Profile: Investor

Goal to obtain finance on a 2nd rental property

  • Achieved finance with a 2nd tier lender at favorable rates. 
  • Our LVR was good across portfolio and with the RBNZ guidelines. However servicing was tight for tier 1 lending. 
  • A specialist non-bank lender was happy with the numbers, equity and security and offered a slightly higher rate than main banks.  

The investor was then able to complete the purchase and grow their portfolio. 

WE'RE INDEPENDENT Advisers & We ONLY Work for your goals


Our families love us because we give them options on the Pathway to Home Ownership

Contact Us

 Head Office: Level 2, 155 Parnell Road, Auckland,

Satelite New Zealand

Auckland Central and Region, 

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Home Ownership Pathway

Level 2, 155 Parnell Road, Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand


By Appointment Only 

Monday to Saturday: By Appointment

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Kia Ora and Warm Pacific  & Aotearoa Greetings 

 Kia Ora, Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Fakatalofa atu, Kia orana, Mālō e lelei, Mālō nī,Talofa lava, Tēnā koutou katoa and warm Pacific greetings to you all 

You may have read articles in the media recently about hundreds of thousands of Kiwis not making the most of their KiwiSaver accounts. 

Kiwis work hard to contribute money to their accounts so why is it that so many people do not get advice that could make them hundreds of thousands of dollars better off at retirement?

 For most people, getting advice is simply a job they intend to do but never get round to. 

Today is the day to stop procrastinating!

We offer a 15 min free general advice session for anyone wanting to learn how to make the most of their KiwiSaver savings. 

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When you complete your details, you will go in the draw for a $4,000 House of Travel Voucher or one of ten $100 GrabOne Vouchers.Please note: The prize draw T&Cs, & full product disclosure document is with the provider we recommend on the link 


Look forward to talking with you soon.

Nga Mihi

Malo Auptio

Kind Regards, 

Andrew LavuLavu CE

& your local Team at Home Ownership Pathway

Make a well informed decision 

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Download and keep these handy guides 

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Budgeting (pdf)


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