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Home Ownership Pathway
for all People living in New Zealand



We work with people in New Zealand who are:

  • Any First Home Buyers
  • Existing Home Owners
  • Self Employed & Sole Traders
  • Property Investors
  • Business Owners


We work with you to understand

  • Your current financial situation
  • Where our focus needs to be 
  • What our Pathway forward looks like


  • Create a clear Pathway with a timeframe
  • All options to make well informed decisions 
  • FREE service that saves you time and money 


We want you to achieve your goals!

We want to understand and listen to what your goals are?

  • Let's work to achieve the right solution 
  • We have experience  in finance and property
  • We care and will "always answer the phone"  

free to you, we're independent, we work with all major lenders in NZ

We give you options


Take Action now


  • Understand what your options are 
  • We can help make it all easier and clearer 
  • Home Loans, Business & all Finance  options

Let's create your Pathway forward...


  • Take action today
  • Kiwisaver, Deposits, LVR's,  Servicing, 
  • We talk finance & property language daily

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Client Case Studies

First home Buyers


Profile: Married Couple, young family looking for stability for their young family. 

Goal: Purchase First Home

We developed a road map to Home Ownership. 

  • Our primary action steps were to increase savings, eliminate debt and avoid debt all together over the course of the next 6 months. 
  • Changing and managing their spending and finances. 
  • This combined with adequate Kiwisaver, along with the applied for Home Start grant available, we obtained lending pre-approval and had our 10% deposit of the Purchase Price.  

Outcome: Purchased First Home by focusing most of their time and activity out in the market, putting offers in and staying within their budget. The new lending was sustainable and repayments are slightly above their old rent costs.

 They now have a solid foundation around financial literacy and habits with Home Ownership achieved.  

Home Owners looking to renovate


Married Couple looking to complete renovations and build a minor dwelling. 

Goal: Release equity to finance this renovation and build. 

  • We assessed that they had sufficient equity and we crunched the nuew numbers and found we were able to get new lending. 
  • This allowed us to focus more on scrutiny and interviewing building companies to start the build. 
  • New Lending is sustainable, RV and value of the house has increased. More so, they are happy in the house they wanted. 

Project funded and renovations underway. 



Profile: Investor

Goal to obtain finance on a 2nd rental property

  • Achieved finance with a 2nd tier lender at favorable rates. 
  • Our LVR was good across portfolio and with the RBNZ guidelines. However servicing was tight for tier 1 lending. 
  • A specialist non-bank lender was happy with the numbers, equity and security and offered a slightly higher rate than main banks.  

The investor was then able to complete the purchase and grow their portfolio. 

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  "This is a Social Enterprise model and we are a purpose driven entity, this is what makes us different. We want to make a difference in the Home Ownership Rates and Financial Literacy  levels of the Families we work with, we want to create inter generational change and create greater social equity in society"  Andrew Lavulavu 

Andrew LavuLavu B.a , Founder & Director, Registered Financial Adviser

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Linkedin

Andrew  founded Home Ownership Pathway to help close family and friends achieve Home Ownership. It spread to communities and is in the process to scale nationally 


"I'm passionate about individuals, families and communities living in self control and empowerment through the journey we go through around  financial literacy and Home Ownership. Making well informed decisions and seeing the best value in our service and options for their short term and long goals. 

 Feel free to contact Andrew directly for a chat about your situation 

021 870 269 



"Whenever our team meets a client our goal is to listen to understand first"


 Years of experience with property  &  investing, a qualified  Registered Financial Adviser, we cover all things finance from Home loans to Business finance solutions.  

   "I've been through the struggles,  walked the road map and changed my mindset and took specific actions around my finances that helped me achieve Home Ownership.  Its not a right of passage however with the right choices and guidance, We can share valuable advice and tips to help others achieve the same goals" 

"Our organisations goal is simple. We want higher financial literacy rates, families in control and communities who are empowered" 


Business OWNERS

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Des Kelemete Contractor


 Over 10 years experience in lending  roles and experience with lenders such as Westpac, Kiwibank and NZCU. 

Des grew up in Auckland's Kingsland area and has strong community involvement with both church and community networks.

Des is a family man of Samoan heritage, a St Paul's old boy.

Richard Myhre-RFA Contractor


Life & Health Insurance Adviser

We can also cover self employed people and small business ownership insurance for shareholders, key person protection, insurance for business liabilities, income protection and ACC levy reviews. Richard prides himself  that  clients are receiving the highest levels of quality advice

Kevin Hartfield RFA Contractor


Kevin has 30 years in property and finance.   Kevin initially lived in south Auckland and then moved to the North Shore.  His children who are now adults and have flown the 'coop' has allowed Kevin the mobility to move down to New Plymouth with partner Helena.  Kevin has substantial finance experience.